Professional Scientific Staffing: Flexible Workforce for Increased Laboratory Efficiency

Our program provides an ideal solution for workforce augmentation or process insourcing

Pace Analytical offers an innovative professional staffing program designed to provide a stable yet flexible scientific workforce for our clients who want to keep work in-house.  The program is ISO 9001:2015 compliant and combines our expertise in running laboratories—more than 30 years experience—with a management program.  The result is a highly productive, sustainable contingent workforce solution.

Our clients are diverse and have several reasons for using a contingent workforce:

  • Insufficient staff to support workload
  • Fluctuation in workload or projects
  • Control headcount
  • Restricted ability to hire permanent FTEs
  • Lack of specific in-house expertise
  • Need for FTEs to focus on core business activities

Pace has alleviated a variety of problems and challenges that our clients have faced with using traditional temp agencies including:

  • Lack of qualified candidates
  • Inefficiency due to high turnover
  • Poor understanding of laboratory needs
  • Poorly screened candidates—resulting in the client spending too much time interviewing
  • Co-employment risk—resulting in contract length restrictions
  • Inadequate support after placement onsite—resulting in confusion for both client and employee
  • Dissatisfied employees—resulting in lower productivity

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