A leading biomedical Institute was faced with the herculean task of moving 40 years of research, along with a significant amount of highly specialized equipment. The lab’s work with highly infectious diseases, as well as a tight timeframe for the move, supplied additional layers of difficulty to the endeavor. With just one month to accomplish the move, th

A prominent University had to quickly move their large science building across campus, while adhering to stringent requirements for the placement of chemicals in their new labs. Having worked, unsuccessfully, with other relocation companies in the past, the University required a knowledgeable, flexible resource they could trust to accomplish the mo

A global biopharmaceutical company was relocating laboratory operations, including instrumentation and office space, to a new building. The move required tight timelines, and lab operations were to proceed uninterrupted throughout the process. Additionally, over a third of the new space was still undergoing construction with some key lab spaces no

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