Pace Analytical Life Sciences offers microbiology laboratory services for the qualitative and quantitative assessment of products, packaging and the manufacturing environment. We provide the following services to support the pharmaceutical and medical device industries.

Sterile Product Support

  • Bacterial Endotoxins/LAL
  • Sterility Tests
  • Particulate Matter in Injections
  • Biological Indicator Testing
  • Ethylene Oxide Residual Testing
  • Method Development/Validation

Non-Sterile Product Support

  • Microbial Limit Tests (Harmonized)
  • Antimicrobial Effectiveness Testing
  • Bioburden Testing
  • Method Development/Validation

Facility Environmental Monitoring Services

  • Process Water Testing
  • Compressed Air/Compressed Gas Testing
  • Sanitizer/Disinfectant Efficacy Testing
  • Clean Room/Controlled Environment Monitoring
  • On-Site Sampling
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