Facilities and Instrumentation

Pace Analytical Life Sciences operates two laboratories: one located in Oakdale, MN and the other in San German, Puerto Rico. Laboratories are:

  • FDA registered
  • DEA registered for the handling of controlled substances, schedules I – V
  • Properly equipped to handle narcotic chemicals and highly-potent compounds (HPCs) safely
  • Oakdale laboratory is ISO/IEC 17025 accredited

Each of the facilities represents the vibrant and growing laboratory business. Every year Pace Analytical continues to invest in new technologies and state-of-the-art equipment. This adds capacity to our current service offering, expands capabilities to new services, keeps our equipment current and up-to-date, and support the continuous growth of our businesses.

Both laboratories have long histories of providing cGMP analytical laboratory services to their markets. Each facility has been FDA-registered for more than 20 years. View the most recent copies of the FDA Establishment Inspection Report (EIR) here. The two laboratories operate independently but follow one common quality system and are under the direction of one management team.

The two laboratories also have similar equipment, trained personnel and a common quality system to provide redundancy and back-up capacity for certain clients. In the event of a contingency or natural disaster, PLS could shift work between the facilities to maintain project and business continuity for our clients. Of course, any shift of work requires client notification and approval, and PLS would work with our client to determine the suitability of the alternate site for testing on a case-by-case or method-by-method basis.

Our sister company, the LabOps division of Pace Analytical, operates an Instrument Services Group (ISG) that provides refurbished laboratory instruments and services. Read more about the benefits of Pace's ISG, including minimized downtime here.

Further, both laboratories utilize the following methods to ensure continuous operations:

  • Diesel-powered electrical generators supply backup power to key equipment, such as computer network systems, stability storage chambers and microbiology incubators.
  • The computer network systems and certain laboratory areas utilize Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) to cover the momentary gaps in supply, ease the transition and ensure clean power to critical systems.
  • A continuous-monitoring system (CMS) captures data (e.g., temperature and/or humidity) every five minutes in designated ambient laboratory areas, stability storage chambers and microbiology incubator systems. These records provide assurance that environmental control systems are operating properly.

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