Facilities & Instrumentation - Wolfe Facilities

Wolfe Laboratories Inc.

19 Presidential Way
Woburn, MA 01801
Tel: 781-305-4940
Fax: 781-305-3780
Email: Info@wolfelabs.com

Wolfe Laboratories, Inc. is located in the heart of the Massachusetts life science cluster, along with biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, academic research institutions and teaching hospitals. The facility is designed for translational development activities and is well-suited for the development of a wide range of compound types and safety classifications, ranging from parenterals for biotherapeutics to oral dosage forms for small molecules.

Separate laboratories house analytical, formulation development and stability functions. State-of the art instrumentation includes HPLCs with various detectors (UV, ELSD-LTS, RI, PDA, FL), UPLC, LC-MS/MS, cIEF, CZE, cSDS, DSC, TGS, Karl Fischer, PXRD, lyophilizers, microscopy, HIAC-Royco, zetasizer, osmometers, pH meters, viscometer, densitomer, dissolution apparatuses, micronizers, environmental chambers, stability chambers, storage freezers and other equipment. Multiple fume hoods, laminar flow hoods and biological safety cabinets are in each laboratory suite.

Additional laboratories house the bioanalytical, cell culture and in vitro ADME capabilities. Equipment includes ABI-4000 and ABI 4000 Q Trap™ LC-MS/MS systems, liquid handling systems, Shimadzu™ HPLC systems with temperature-controlled autosamplers, tissue homogenizing units, generator-backed uninterruptible power, molecular Devices (MD) SpectraMax Plus384 Systems, tunable microplate readers, microplate washers, freezers, incubators and other equipment.