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PacePort Online Data Management

PacePort is an industry-leading, web-based application that enables you to have access to your important laboratory information—anywhere, anytime! No software downloads areneeded—PacePort is a secure web-based portal. Only a web browser, internet connection and PDF Reader are needed.

PacePort is available to you now and it is free! Other labs may make you pay extra and wait longer for your data packages. We believe that it’s your data and you own it. It should beeasy to access, so we upload the complete package within hours of the final signatures from our Quality Assurance review group.

PacePort gives you every page in high resolution and in color – easy to read, easy to understand and completely audit-ready. In fact, during each of our regulatory and client audits weuse PacePort internally to produce every requested procedure, method and data package. Our physical documentation storage, while still completely maintained, is almost obsolete!

Use PacePort to organize and access your data, such as:


PacePort is a convenient way to store and access documents that you use over the life of your project and/or product. Your project manager can upload documents (in full compliance withQA document control procedures) for your convenience and future access, such as:

  • Master Service Agreements (MSAs) & Quality Agreements
  • Price Quotes & Contract Documents
  • Analytical Methods & Product / Material Specifications
  • Stability Protocols and Sample Pull Schedules


PacePort is a convenient way to access all your project data from well-written summary reports to every detail, right down to every notebook page, every balance tape and every chromatogram.

  • Analysis Request Forms (ARFs)
  • Sample Acknowledgement Forms (SAFs)
  • Analysis Reports / Certificates of Analysis
  • Full Data Packages
  • Invoices


PacePort also provides you with transparency into the laboratory. It provides a one-button query to return up-to-the-minute status on current projects that are in-progress.

  • Run a project status report, on demand, for real-time updates
  • Quickly recognize which tests are complete, in QA review or ready to report
  • Track which tests are part of an investigation


  • Customize your setting to receive e-mail notification when new documents are posted

We built PacePort and we designed it for you. You use data to make decisions about ranging from the viability of a novel formulation to the efficacy of your products and the ultimate safetyof the patients that use them. To make good and timely decisions you need ready access to all your data and all the supporting study information. PacePort provides that easy access at anytime andfrom anywhere that you need it.

PacePort is available to all our customers. If you are a current customer who has not yet experienced PacePort, please contact your project manager to activate your account. If you area new customer, your registration instructions are provided to you upon receipt of your first sample.

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