Pace's Instrument Support Group (ISG) History

Starting out as an add-on service to meet the request of a customer, Pace's ISG has grown to include a network of five service hubs and a full suite of service offerings .

  • 1978: Pace Analytical was founded as an environmental testing company
  • Mid-1990’s: Pace entered the scientific staffing market, placing knowledgeable scientists whose expertise included troubleshooting laboratory equipment.
  • Mid-Late 1990s: To meet a customer request, Pace placed a full time instrumentation repair employee. Service first focused on GC equipment and later expanded to include HPLCs.
  • 1998: Instrument service experts for Pace started using their equipment expertise to buy, refurbish and sell chromatography equipment to the Pace laboratory network as well as external customers.
  • Early 2000s: As the equipment volume increased, Pace hired several more employees dedicated to service needs.
  • 2006: Pace created a formal service program, which included a full time Quality Assurance Department.
  • 2007: Pace's Instrument Support Group included six service specialists based in Minneapolis, MN.
  • 2008: Pace began to actively sell instrument services outside of a referral business model.
  • 2014: ISG's network currently includes 25 service specialists in 5 locations across the country, including Minneapolis, Houston, Indianapolis, Chicago and Los Angeles.

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