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Rough Pump Rebuilds:

To achieve maximum performance from mechanical pumps, routine rebuild services are recommended. Pace Analytical rebuilds and refurbishes mechanical pumps from Edwards, Pfieffer, Leybold and Varian as well as a variety of other major manufacturers. Pace can also exchange your worn or damaged rough pump with a completely rebuilt, identical or similarly sized mechanical pump. This allows lab personnel to maintain vacuum with minimal downtime—and at a significantly lower cost than purchasing a new vacuum pump.

Rough Pump Rebuilds Q&A

Electronic/Mechanical Component Repairs:

You may be surprised at the savings available from component repair versus purchase of a new board or component. Pace Analytical’s Instrument Support Group (ISG) repairs instrumentation at the component level, including repair of mainboards, circuit boards, electrical components and mechanical components.

Electronic/Mechanical Component Repairs Q&A

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