Preventative Maintenance Q&A

Why should I do preventative maintenance?

Similar to the oil, air filters, brake pads and shocks in a vehicle, analytical instruments have various components that need regular maintenance to extend their life and ensure operation at peak performance.

What are some common problems if maintenance is not performed?

Skipping on maintenance now can lead to major repair costs in the future. For instance, major components can be permanently damaged due to something easy to fix such as a leak in a solvent line or a buildup of salt over time. Replacement parts for these major failures can cost upwards of $2,000. Perhaps even more damaging, contamination in sample/solvent lines or inlets can lead to faulty results that appear to be accurate. Plus, several hours can be spent troubleshooting simple issues caused by poorly maintained parts.

How frequently should I have maintenance performed?

For most chromatography and inorganic systems, annual preventative maintenance is sufficient. Depending on individual instrument usage, maintenance may be required on a more or less frequent basis. For example, dissolution systems should be maintained at six month intervals.

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