Instrument Qualifications

Have confidence in your data validity.

Protocols are written by Pace Analytical’s Instrument Support Group to ensure the instrument meets or exceeds the manufacturer’s specifications for performance. Protocols will be reviewed and approved by the customer prior to execution.

Qualification Services:

Defines test procedures, acceptance criteria and documentation practices—the successful completion of the protocol demonstrates that the system is suitable for its intended use and the performance meets or exceeds the acceptance criteria to which the customer has agreed.

  • IQ (Installation Qualifications)
  • OQ (Operational Qualifications)
  • PQ (Performance Qualifications)

Qualifications available for:

  • Chromatography – LC, LC/MS, GC, GC/MS
  • Inorganic – ICP, ICP-MS
  • Dissolution – Mechanicals, PVT (prednisone), Enhanced Mechanicals (EMQ)

Instrument Qualifications Q&A

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