Drinking Water: Products and Materials

Pace Analytical has been providing independent products and materials testing to our customers since 1990. We are a third party testing facility for anything that comes in contact with potable water in the drinking water industry. Along with offering third party testing, we work as a subcontractor with the following companies when certification is desired.

  • CSA – Canadian Standards Association
  • ICC-ES – ICC- Evaluation Service
  • WQA – Water Quality Association
  • IAPMO – International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials

Some standards that we perform regularly:

  • NSI/NSF Standard: 42/44/53/55/58/60/61/62/177
  • California Proposition 65

Along with providing testing following established protocols, we provide a limitless amount of research and development testing. If there is an “in-house” method that is required, a modified version of a protocol or just some basic testing that you would like performed, please contact us.

Pace Analytical has one of the most comprehensive quality programs in the industry with an emphasis on quality throughout all operational and support activities. The program is developed and implemented to meet or exceed industry and regulatory requirements and guidelines. The quality program elements include: quality systems based on ISO 17025 Standards, quality system training for all employees, internal and external audits, ethics program and a comprehensive training library.