Utica Shale:

Recent advances in both horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing technology have combined to make the cost-effective extraction of natural gas and oil from known shale formations a reality. Pace Analytical has a long history of working with the premier energy companies across the country in support of both their upstream and downstream activities. So, a few years ago when these same companies began exploring the major shale plays, Pace was a natural choice to provide laboratory testing support. As drilling expanded in the Eagle Ford, Bakken and Marcellus Shale Plays, Pace began serving energy companies and their environmental consulting partners with a full complement of environmental testing parameters and ancillary support services. Now as the Utica Shale Play enters the drilling phase in Ohio, Pace is once again positioned to offer laboratory support for predrill studies, produced or flowback water, and cuttings or waste removal. Additionally, Pace provides local courier service throughout the Utica region, offering convenient service centers in Cambridge, Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio. Pace's Rapid Response Program also offers emergency lab support in the event of a spill or blowout at the wellhead.

Shale Sample Matrices Routinely Processed by Pace

    • Investigative Soils and Muds Flowback Frac Water
    • Potable Well Sources Frac Additives Operator Specific
    • Ambient Air Monitoring
    • NORM and TENORM (Radioactivity)
    • Cuttings/Waste Spill/Emergency Response Samples

Pace Resources in the Utica Shale Region

Pace offers convenient courier service pickup to all Utica Shale Oil and Gas Plays:
    • Cambridge, Ohio Service Center - sample drop off, sampling supplies, sample pick-up at office or site
    • Cleveland, Ohio Service Center - sample pick-up at office or site
    • Columbus, Ohio Service Center - sample drop off, sampling supplies, sample pick-up at office or site

Supporting laboratories

    • Indianapolis Laboratory - Ohio VAP and NELAC Certified Laboratory
    • Pittsburgh Laboratory - NELAC Certified Environmental and Radiochemistry Laboratory

Contact us to discuss your testing needs: P: 317.318.5150
Pace Account Executive: P: 330.418.8814 - Sales & Service Northern Ohio (north of I-70)
Pace Account Executive: P: 513.292.6565 - Sales & Service Southern Ohio (south of I-70)

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