Dioxin Technical Information

Pace Analytical Supports the Following:

EPA Analytical Methods

High Resolution:
Method Information Turn-Around Time
1613B 2378 TCDD (Drinking water) 10 day
1613B PCDD & PCDF (All matrices) 15 day
8290/8290A PCDD & PCDF (SW846) 15 day
TO-9 PCDD & PCDF (Perimeter air) 15 day
23 PCDD & PCDF (Stack air method) 15 day
1668A/1668C PCB Congeners 20 day
1614 PBDEs 20 day
Low Resolution:
8280/8280A Tetra - Hexa (appendix 9) 15 day
8280/8280A PCDD & PCDF (SW846) 15 day

Note: Methods may be modified to analyze 2378 TCDD & TCDF, 2378 TCDD only – or all 17 congeners and homologue totals.

MDL's available upon request.

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