Types of Testing Offered by the Air Lab

The Pace Analytical Air Testing Laboratory capabilities encompass nearly every potential application of air testing or emissions monitoring. The scope of services includes testing for:

  • particulates
  • hazardous air pollutants (HAPS) such as:
    • volatile organic compounds
    • semi-volatiles (including dioxins/furans and PCBs)
    • air toxics
    • criteria pollutants

This testing is performed in support of USEPA, OSHA, and NIOSH regulatory initiatives. The Air Group at Pace Analytical has extensive experience and expertise with air monitoring applications in:

  • ambient air
  • stack gas
  • landfill gas
  • thermal treatment systems
  • vapor intrusion
  • MGP site monitoring
  • Perimeter monitoring
    • At industrial or regulatory driven remediation sites. A significant inventory of pre-cleaned and certified media is maintained at the laboratory to insure availability as needed.

Project Experience

Pace Analytical's air laboratory has extensive experience in all matrices and performs a broad range of EPA air methodologies. A brief summary of select project experience illustrates the expertise and diversity of Pace Analytical's air scientists and project management teams:

  • Perimeter Air Monitoring - Ambient air by Method TO-9, Method 325B Passive Monitoring for Benzene.
  • Incinerator Stack Monitoring - Stack sampling by Method 23.
  • Fence Line Monitoring - Ambient air by TO-14, TO-13 and PM10.
  • Wood Preserving Site - Dioxin/PCP by TO-9, TO-14 and PM10.
  • Residential Indoor Air Monitoring - by Method TO-14.
  • Solid Waste Incinerator Stack Testing - Methods 5, 26, 29, and 23.
  • Municipal Landfill - Tier 2 testing by Methods 3C, 25C and TO-14.
  • PCB Detoxification Site - by TO-9, TO-4 PCB and TO-14.
  • Natural Attenuation Products - Dissolved gases by RSK 175.
  • Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE) Systems - Methods TO-3 and T0-14.
  • School Buildings Near WTC - Dioxin in air by TO-9.
  • Indoor Air for Lifetime Risk Thresholds - by Method TO-14.
  • Thermal Oxidizer Efficiency Testing - Method TO-14 and Methane.
  • Fume Scrubber Efficiency Testing - Method 26.
  • Stack Gases - Metals by Methods 29 and 101.
  • MGP Site - Air Monitoring - Method PM10, TO-14, TO-13
  • Vapor Intrusion - Air Monitoring - Method TO-15
  • Emergency Response
  • Pipeline Releases
  • Soil Gas by Method TO-15
  • Greenhouse Gas by Method 3C
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