Specialty Geochemistry

Specialty Geochemistry Division offers unique analytical services using proprietary technologies to measure, document and demonstrate contaminant degradation. These tools allow customers to establish a thorough understanding of the degradation process and develop robust closure strategies, and maximize remediation efficiency.

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Light Hydrocarbons - Methane, Ethane, Ethene (RSK-175 and AM20 Gax)

  • Cost-effective way to demonstrate reductive dechlorination at remediation sites
    • AM20GAX offers lowest available detection limits to confirm remediation efficiency throughout the plume
  • Measures dissolved methane for oil and gas exploration and production applications

Dissolved Gases - Includes Hydrogen

  • Identifies predominant redox processes
  • Verifies degradation has occurred and identifies degradation paths

Volatile Fatty Acids

  • Organic remediation support - evidence of microbial activity
  • Convenient tracer for treated water migration (requires low levels)

Total Inorganic Carbon (TIC)

  • TIC is a cost-effective way to demonstrate microbial activity in a contaminated aquifer.
  • Includes inorganic carbon from CO2 excluded by alkalinity analysis

Anions and Cations

  • Useful in characterizing the active chemical and biological degradative processes
  • Provides data to identify microbial respiration processes (redox)

Volatile Organic Compounds in Vapor

  • Cost-effective, proprietary method for vapor extraction remedial system monitoring

For sampling protocols, COCs, or other information, please visit the document download center.

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