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Issue Topics
2011 Fall
(PDF, 829 kb)
Multiphase Modeling of Complex Sites | Project Pitfalls - Graphics | Introducing the Experts
2011 Summer
(PDF, 531 kb)
Waste Water Treatment: Using Isotopes to Determine Denitrification | Perils of Database Mismanagement | Introducing the Experts
2011 Winter
(PDF, 733 kb)
3D Isotopes: A Powerful New Tool for Remediation Sites | A Visual Guide to the History of PCBs | The Software Side of DPRA
2010 Spring
(PDF, 600 kb)
EPA Recognizes Zymax Isotopes for Chlorinated Cases | Fuel Fingerprinting Pt. II: Mid Distillates | Isotopes for Remedial Optimization
2009 Winter
(PDF, 304 kb)
PAHs: Characterization & Forensic Analysis | GIS - More Than Maps Pt. II | Planning for Compliance | The Art of the Audit
2009 Summer
(PDF, 264 kb)
Fuel Fingerprinting Pt. I: Gasoline | GIS - More Than Maps | New EPA Greenhouse Gas Regs | "Denitrifier" Nitrate Isotope Analysis
2009 Spring
(PDF, 369 kb)
Carbon isotopes can distinguish plumes | Age dating a PCE release | Thermal remediation of DNAPL | What is an MIP?
2007 Summer
(PDF, 140 kb)
Chlorinated solvents and drycleaners – history, sources, and forensic techniques
2006 Winter
(PDF, 85 kb)
New isotope technique for chlorinated solvent releases | Identifying the sources of nitrates | GRA Isotope Symposium
2006 Spring
(PDF, 100 kb)
Forensic sampling of an oil sheen | Introduction to ZymaX Forensics | Isotopic forensic analyses | What is TBA?
2005 Summer
(PDF, 121 kb)
Perchlorate: Natural vs. Man-made? | An in depth look at TCE | Dating a release using tree rings
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