Environmental Analytics, Site Specific Consulting & Interpretive Reports

Pace Energy Services is more than just an analytical laboratory. For the past twenty years, our experts have worked on the development of cutting edge analyses that foster a deeper understanding of subsurface processes. Our staff includes Ph.D. level scientists and chemists to help clients understand and integrate specialized contaminant, geochemical, biological and isotopic data.

Tasks that Pace experts can perform for you on an hourly or fixed price basis:

  • Sampling and analytical plans
  • Geochemical setting analysis
  • Biogeochemical degradation pathway evaluation
  • Contaminant dilution and degradation analysis
  • Isotopic mass balance analysis
  • Attenuation rate estimates
  • Plume stability assessments

Pace can also provide expert evaluation of isotopic forensic data including:

  • Multiple source identification
  • Source allocation assessments

Other statistical and modeling service offerings include:

  • Statistical sampling plans
  • Exploratory data analysis and data mining
  • Statistical testing and experimental design
  • Correlation and regression modeling
  • Time-series analysis and forecasting
  • Nonparametric statistics and power analysis
  • Background geochemical and contaminant assessments
  • Multivariate statistical modeling
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