Forensics and Geochemical Analyses

Pace Analytical Energy Services is a specialist in environmental forensics and geochemistry consulting, litigation support, and expert witness testimony. We are dedicated to new development and implementation of analytical methodologies that meet the needs of our clients. We continuously upgrade our analytical instrumentation and maintain a business methodology that enhances precision and yields high-quality results. The key components to our success are personalized service, reliable performance, and delivery of legally defensible results.

Learn more at our Starting a Forensics Project and Forensics 101 pages.

Our Specialties

  • petroleum hydrocarbon analysis
  • gas geochemistry
  • product mixing ratios
  • age dating
  • fuel identification
  • stable isotope analysis
  • chlorinated solvent characterization

We have developed or modified geochemical analyses that allow us to:

  • identify the types of product which have been released
  • distinguish between similar products from different sources
  • estimate the mixing ratios of different products
  • estimate the age of the product
  • assign probable responsibility for source(s) of the contamination
  • give expert witness testimony and represent plaintiffs or defendants in litigation
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