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New Michigan PFAS Legislation & Testing Laws

PFAS Timeline Video

PFAS are a diverse group of compounds resistant to heat, water, and oil. For decades, PFAS has been used in hundreds of industrial applications and consumer products across the globe including carpeting, apparel, upholstery, food paper wrappings, fire-fighting foams, and metal plating. Recently, PFAS chemicals have garnered the attention of the media and regulatory bodies due to their widespread use and potential harmful effects on humans.

Michigan's new rules for PFAS start now. Is your public water system compliant? Ensure your municipality has the right laboratory partner for PFAS testing & compliance.

While public information about PFAS contaminants is on the rise, these chemicals have been around for a long time. With decades of experience in persistent organic pollutant testing, Pace was one of the first commercial laboratories to analyze for PFAS compounds. And, as regulatory requirements and methodologies evolved, we responded. Today, Pace has the capabilities to analyze for PFAS through our in-house national network of labs or on-site via PFAST®, the only certified PFAS mobile lab service in the industry. Pace Analytical is a leader in PFAS testing & analysis, and certified by EGLE in Michigan.


A Brief History of PFAS Contamination & Regulation
EPA PFAS Action Plan
eBook - A Municipality's Guide to PFAS Contamination and Testing

Sources of PFAS Contaminations

PFAS chemicals are found in water, soil, waste, air, consumer products, and more. This graphic represents the sources for PFAS contamination.

Pace works with organizations impacted by all these PFAS sources. Whether it’s responding to a regulatory directive or public safety concern, we offer the greatest breadth and depth of PFAS analysis and testing capabilities that include:


PFAS Sample Collection Pocket Guide


Pace Analytical® is certified in every state and territory requiring certification for PFAS analysis. Additionally, we are accredited by all national and federal bodies with PFAS regulatory requirements:


PFAS State Field Sampling Guidance and Standard Operating Procedures

2020 PFAS Testing Methodologies


If you have questions about any of the topics referenced here, download our PFAS FAQs to review the collection of client questions (and answers) we’ve assembled.

See how we can help your municipality become compliant with the new PFAS testing rules.

If you are ready to get started testing for PFAS, we can help outline a recommended process for your project, so you know what to expect. Contact us to get connected to a PFAS expert – or submit a Quick Quote Online Request form to get started with pricing information.

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