Questions About Mining Analytical Services?

Pace Analytical Mining Analytical ServicesPace supports our mining clients, consultants to the mining industry and regulatory agencies in areas of environmental analytical services including routine groundwater, surface water and NPDES discharge monitoring, overburden and topsoil analysis and bio-accumulation studies using biota analysis. In addition to services which support proposed or operational mines, Pace also provides environmental analytical services for the reclamation phases of mining operations.

Pace offers methods which determine the acid producing potential of mine tailings, overburden and mine waste rock. Analyses to provide acid-base accounting and predict acid mine drainage include kinetic testing with simulated weathering columns and cells. These mining support services are available to assist our clients in their predictions for proposed mines and assessment in-situ at operating mines.

Acid Base Accounting – EPA-600/2-78-054 (Sobek et al 1978)
Humidity Cells – ASTM D5744 (Option A and Option B)
SPLP Testing – EPA 1312
Overburden Analysis – USDA, ASTM and American Society of Agronomy methods
Agronomic Analysis – USDA, ASTM and American Society of Agronomy methods
Topsoil Analysis – USDA, ASTM and American Society of Agronomy methods
Total and Extractable Metals in Soils – EPA 3050 with 6010 or 6020
Groundwater and Surface Water Analysis – EPA and Standard Methods

Our mining support services provide a complete range of laboratory analysis to meet the environmental requirements of the mining industry in accordance with recognized standards.

Our expertise includes analysis of:

  • LEAF –(Leaching Environmental Assessment Framework)
  • Mercury Analysis
  • Water (wastewater, groundwater, surface water, process water, drinking water)
  • Solids (soil, sludges, sediments)
  • Waste (hazardous, non-hazardous, industrial)
  • Air (PM-10, VOCs, PAHs, etc.)
  • On site sampling / field services
  • Biological tissue analysis
  • Dioxin / Furan analysis

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