Hydraulic fracturing carries an inherent risk of surface spills/accidents. With laboratories in close proximity to key shale plays, Pace’s Rapid Response Team (PRRT) is well positioned to provide fast and reliable assistance in the event of an environmental contaminant release or pipeline rupture – 24/7. We ensure container availability, samples are properly collected, critical samples are expedited to the nearest laboratory and rapid results are provided to decision makers on the scene.

Surface spills/accident related services include:

  • ER capabilities
  • Various analytical tests, depending on the released substance

Flowback Water/Wastewater Disposal Issues:

Since flowback water from fracking operations contains various chemical additives, it must be properly contained, transported and disposed of in order to avoid environmental and safety issues. Likewise, wastewater must be tested, stored and discharged according to state and local regulations.

Services offered:

  • TCLP/SPLP testing
  • Wastewater permitted discharge/work with disposal companies
  • Solids: total and dissolved

Pit Closure Analysis Support/Drill Pad Reclamation:

Considerable site excavation is performed during creation of drilling pits and natural gas drill pads. Companies are required to follow pit closure standards and testing requirements and to properly reclaim sites that are upset as a result of the drilling process. Analytical testing is available to determine the environmental impact and help ensure that drilling companies abide by state- and site-specific regulations.