Pace Analytical Testing and Analysis of Hydraulic Fracturing for FrackingWith the dramatic uptick in hydraulic fracturing to meet global demand, the nation has become embroiled in controversy over the impact to the environment and public health. Safety and environmental consequences due to the use and disposal of fracking fluid chemicals, the effect to groundwater and air quality, and the presence of naturally occurring radioactive materials are highly debated. To ensure safe processes, protect the environment and comply with emerging state regulations, analytical services are needed in expanding capacities throughout pre-drilling to post-drilling activities.

Pace Analytical partners with exploration, drilling and consulting firms to deliver high-quality, cost-effective analytical and hydraulic fracturing testing services. For more than 35 years, we have been a recognized leader in environmental testing – providing quality services designed exclusively for clients concerned with critical analytical support, method validation, environmental regulatory compliance and cost-efficiency.

Pace Analytical has performed analytical testing for gas drillers, businesses, homeowners and various regulatory agencies, gaining a reputation for superior service that is both well-deserved and well-documented. *See list of available documentation