Pace® employs new technology and custom equipment to increase productivity, reduce turnaround time, improve quality, and reduce our overall carbon footprint. ezSoil® Agilent GC/MS equipment allows us to perform VOC analysis by 8260 from 1 VOA vial with MeOH, reducing your time in the field and minimizing the need for dilutions (and reducing data quality review time).

Pace Anlaytical EZ Soil kit

Testimonials On ezSoil®:

“The first day we went from 8AM-630PM…having only 1 vial for VOCs and 2 for TPH, was definitely a big help, otherwise we would have had to consider an extra day for drilling.”

“For large scale projects, it will definitely be my go-to.”

“The reports are very easy to read and transfer to our tables.”

VOC 8260 BY 5035

One Methanol 40ML Vial
14 Day Hold Time
5 Grams of Soil


  • Less Time in the field
  • Less containers
  • Less cooler weight
  • Hold time extended from 48 hours to 14 days
  • Better analytical results (less dilutions)

Continuous Method Innovation Initiatives

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The Pace® Analytical company vision is fueled by innovation, and we are driven to excel in the areas of green initiatives, state of the art laboratory instrumentation, and new methodology. Our experts continuously search for instrumentation and new methodology that is greener, more efficient, and provides the best quality data to our clients.