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Dioxin/Furan samples should be collected in amber glass containers with Teflon-lined caps*. Samples with residual chlorine present should be preserved with 80mg Sodium Thiosulfate. Dioxin air methods include unique sampling techniques and media and should only be attempted by trained, experienced personnel. Ship samples via overnight carrier, chilled to 4°C. Pace Analytical is licensed and prepared to accept dioxin testing samples from anywhere in the world.

Matrix Sample Size Extraction
Aqueous 2- 1 liter bottles 1 liter
Solid 1- 4 or 8oz jar + 10 grams dry weight
Tissue 50-100 grams frozen 10 grams
Ambient Air PUF Cartridge N/A
Stack Air XAD-2 Resin Trap N/A

*Pace Analytical can supply appropriate sample media or pre-cleaned containers upon request. Some sampling mediums are billable.

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