Pace Analytical’s dioxin testing laboratory has extensive dioxin / furan project testing experience in all matrices and performs all EPA dioxin methodologies. The Pace Analytical dioxin project management team can assist in the early stages of project planning, QAPP production and the determination of data quality objectives to insure successful, on-time project completion and closure. A brief summary of select project experience illustrates the expertise and diversity of Pace Analytical’s dioxin scientists and project management teams.

Analysis Type
Project Experience
Drinking Water Analysis
SDWA monitoring by 1613
NPDES Permitting
Waste water analysis by 613 & 8280
Landfill Monitoring
Leachate analysis by 8280 & 8290
Groundwater Monitoring
Appendix 9 analysis by 8280
Municipal Sewage Sludge
Land application analysis by 1613
Pulp & Paper Effluent
CWA compliance by 1613 TCDD/TCDF
Food Product Testing
Chicken, Fish, Grapes, Venison by 1613
PCB Fire Sites
Ash, Wipes, Air & debris by 8290
Site Characterization
Superfund Sites, SW846 by 8280 & 8290
Site Remediation
Various Sites by 1613 & 8290
Base Realignment & Closure
USACE support, all methods
Perimeter Air Monitoring
Volume air sampling by TO-9
Incinerator Stack Monitoring
Stack sampling by method 23
Decontamination Monitoring
Wipes, concrete etc by SW846
Cement Kiln Ash
Landfill application monitoring by 8280
Site Closure Monitoring
Onsite monitoring wells by SW846
Omega-3 / Fish Oil Analysis
Food supplements by 1613
Food Products
Various foods to EU by 1613
PBDE by 1614
PBDEs in water monitoring
Feed ingredients by EU standards by 1613
Rapid Response Dioxin Testing
Wipes by 1613/8290
GOED Monograph Analysis
Nutraceutical Testing
Tocopherols Analysis
European Union Testing