The Pace Analytical® Municipal Testing Laboratories and service centers are well positioned to support projects managed for or by municipalities. We can provide the necessary field sampling, testing, courier logistics, and reporting that meet the demanding DMR and waste disposal requirements.

We all share this planet. Pace views our clients as partners in protecting our environment and improving the health and safety of our communities. The work we do together is important, so we approach everything we do with ethics and integrity. Pace delivers the highest standard of testing and scientific services in the market. We offer the most advanced solutions in the industry, backed by truly transparent data, a highly trained team, and the service and support that comes from four decades of experience.

Pace Analytical Municipal Testing Laboratory

Pace Analytical Services municipal laboratory testing services are geared for the uncommon projects. Our specialty is designing mobile solutions for non-routine projects. We have the resources and expertise to outfit a mobile laboratory with instrumentation ranging from wet chemistry to GC/MS and many options in between. Organic or inorganic analyses in air, water or solids are can be targeted with flexible mobile solutions.