Our field services are designed to complement and support consulting engineers, industrial manufactures and government regulatory agencies. We partner with the client to optimize testing protocols and to keep periodic monitoring needs on track and up to date. Our technical expertise provides cost effective solutions for routine and difficult sites, whether its wastewater, groundwater, surface water, storm water or drinking water Pace Analytical can serve your complete needs for permit review, onsite monitoring, sample collection and analytical testing.

Pace Analytical maintains dedicated water sampling and testing equipment along with specially configured vehicles, selected for the rigors of field use. We use modern automated sampling and monitoring equipment to provide representative water quality data.

Wastewater Monitoring Services

  • Automated 24 Hour Composite Sampling and In-situ analysis
  • Industrial Wastewater Compliance and Contaminant Baseline Studies
  • Local POTW Strength Charge and Pretreatment Standards
  • NPDES Part A & Part B
  • Priority Pollutant List
  • Total Toxic Organics (TTO)
  • Whole Effluent Toxicity (WET)
  • Ambient Water Sampling for Low Level Mercury (EPA 1669)
  • Flow Measurement Studies
  • Automated Water Meter Readers

Groundwater Monitoring Services

  • Landfill Groundwater, Lysimeter, Leachate and Gas Probe Monitoring
  • UST Groundwater and Soil Sampling
  • Municipal well monitoring
  • In Field Analysis and Water Sample Filtration
  • Low Flow-Slow Purge Sampling
  • Deep Well Sampling Capabilities
  • Well Pump Installation
  • Laboratory Analysis (CLP Inorganics & Organics, Appendix IX, State Health Risk Guidelines)

Other Sampling Services

Liquid and Solid Industrial Waste (Drums, Frac Tanks, Roll-Off Boxes, Surface Piles)

Industrial Byproducts, Sludge and Sediments (Rivers, Ponds, Tanks)