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Pace® Analytical Awarded Patent for Herbicide Test Method

Methodology provides accurate results faster and more sustainably.

Minneapolis, MN, April 4, 2023 Pace® Analytical Services, the preferred provider of regulatory testing and analytical laboratory services and a division of Pace®, a science and technology company, has been awarded a U.S. Patent for its Analytical Herbicide Detection Technology.

Herbicides are plant or soilapplied chemicals used to control unwanted plants. Herbicide residue testing is often requested for property transactions and construction, and required for landfill and solid waste compliance. For Pace® customers, the ability to get quick, accurate data with chainofcustody documentation, can be critical. ezHerbicide® is the company’s patented method for analyzing soil and water samples for herbicide residue.

“The Pace® National Center for Testing and Innovation is continually working on methods and processes that will reduce waste and environmental impact,” said Johnny Mitchell, Pace® Chief Technology Officer. With ezHerbicide®, we wanted to develop a solution that would provide quicker, more accurate data for our customers and at the same time, support our ESG initiatives with reduced solvent use and waste.” The ezHerbicide® method combines liquid chromatography with a mass spectrometry system to detect herbicide particles at a lower, partsperbillion level. This process ensures more accurate and precise determination of herbicide forms.

The Pace ezHerbicide® patented method provides laboratory data up to 50% faster with smaller sample requirements. Smaller samples sizes means fewer sample containers, reduced shipping, and less solvents used in the processing of samples. Other, traditional analytical techniques for measuring the presence of herbicides are timeconsuming, labor intensive, and have limitations on what can be detected.

Every day we work with customers to protect our environment and improve the health and safety of our communities,” notes Greg Whitman, President of Pace® Analytical Services. Part of that commitment includes investing in innovations like ezHerbicide® that not only support our sustainability initiatives, but allows us to deliver results to customers faster, for critical decisionmaking.”

Pace® is a portfolio company of Leonard Green & Partners and Los Angelesbased Aurora Capital Partners.

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