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Summary: In an effort to improve stability and shelf life of a drug, the active ingredients in many therapeutics are typically mixed with a number of other inactive chemicals. The end result of this process, called formulation, is commonly a liquid solution or suspension. However, for certain drugs, which are prone to degradation or aggregation, alternative processes, like freeze-drying, are effective to improve stability. Freeze-drying, also called lyophilization, is a technique used to generate dry drug products with improved stability and acceptable shelf life.

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In this webinar you will learn:

  • A general understanding of the use and advantages of the lyophilization process
  • The lyophilization process, abilities and limitations
  • The process by which a freeze-dried pharmaceutical product is developed

Who should attend:

  • Small Molecule Drug Product Development
  • Biologics Drug Product Development
  • Chemical Biology
  • Biotech startups


Presenter Luca Ogunleye, PhD

Associate Director, Pharmaceutical Development Pace Analytical Life Sciences, LLC


Luca Ogunleye, PhD, has extensive knowledge in lyophilization processes and formulation development of small molecule and biological drug substances. He received his PhD in Chemistry from the University of Arizona and completed a industrial postdoctoral program at Wolfe Laboratories (Now Pace Analytical Life Sciences) focused on the development of novel and complex molecules (proteins and oligonucleotides) as well as lyophilization technologies, characterization of solid dose forms (DSC, TGA, XRPD and FDM) and design of formulations predominantly applicable to parenteral and oral pharmaceuticals. At Pace Analytical Life Sciences, Luca has procured, installed and setup new equipment for lyophilization process development and is Pace Life Science's resident expert and trainer for lyophilization product development.

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