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Pace® Analytical Services Opens New Center of Excellence for TCLP Analysis

Company dedicates lab to the complicated procedure for identifying hazardous compounds in waste material.

MINNEAPOLIS (April 18, 2023) – Pace® Analytical Services, the preferred provider of regulatory testing and analytical laboratory services, today announced the opening of its new Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) Center of Excellence in Saint Louis, Missouri.

TCLP testing is used to determine whether there are hazardous compounds present in waste. The Pace® Center of Excellence will house unmatched capacity for TCLP testing while the company’s testing accuracy, operational excellence, and technical expertise will ensure the safety of the environment when handling, transporting, or disposing of potentially hazardous materials.

“With the ability to process up to 200 samples per day, the TCLP Center of Excellence reflects the dedication of the Pace® team to provide unmatched capacity and turnaround times for even the most challenging testing and analysis projects,” said Greg Whitman, President of Pace® Analytical Services.

The newly dedicated facility provides several benefits for responsible businesses seeking to meet regulatory standards for TCLP testing. Pace® customers can expect to save on time and on costs, with the added benefit of rush service when needed. Additionally, the company’s specialized knowledge will support businesses with difficult waste samples and other materials, as well as standardized reporting and Customized Analytical reports upon request. “Pace® prides itself on its ability to innovate, bringing experts in their respective areas from across the organization together to solve our customers’ unique challenges,” Whitman added.

In addition to TCLP testing, Pace® offers Synthetic Precipitation Leaching Procedure (SPLP) testing. While TCLP analysis can be performed on liquids, solids, or multi-phasic samples, SPLP is specifically performed on soil samples and determines the presence of potential contaminants in groundwater from land application of waste.

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