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Delivering Science Better

A Company of People Who Care

What do we care about? We care about our co-workers; we care about our customers; we care about the environment and people's health and safety. As we work to build our business and develop our brand, it is essential that everyone on our team shares an understanding of our brand and why we work at Pace Analytical.

What’s our Brand?

Pace Analytical (Our logo is the Pace “swoosh” with a stylistic image of an orbiting electron).

Brand Extensions

Environmental Sciences • Life Sciences • Scientific Professional Services

Why are we here?

Our Mission – Working together to protect our environment and improve our health.

What is our vision? In LEAN this is called True North.

Pace will deliver unmatched value and service.
We will develop our talents and innovative culture to become the clear choice for our employees, customers and business partners.

What do we value?

Core Values
Integrity Value Employees
Know Our Customers Honor Commitments
Flexible Response to Demand Continuously Improve
Pursue Opportunities

What is our purpose?

To meet the business needs of our customers for high-quality, cost-effective analytical measurements and services.

How will we achieve these objectives?

By implementing the Pace Analytical Operating System (shown below) and driving continuous improvement in every part of our company by implementing Lean and 3P Best Practices.

What are the key elements of our strategy?

Operational Excellence:
Continuously improving quality, delivery and efficiency to provide unmatched value.
Commercial Excellence:
Continuously improving the customer experience to deliver unmatched service.
Workforce Excellence:
Continuously develop our talents and innovative culture to improve engagement and retention.