Pace Analytical Offers Rapid Response Emergency Analytical Services to Support Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts

Pace has extensive experience in providing environmental disaster assistance for hurricanes and other natural disasters.

Minneapolis, MN, November 5, 2012 (Pace Analytical Services, Inc.) Pace Analytical, an industry-leading provider of environmental testing services, has a Pace Rapid Response Team (PRRT) ready to provide environmental sampling and analytical testing support to assist in Hurricane Sandy clean-up efforts. With a Nationwide network of laboratories, including locations in New York, North Carolina and Pennsylvania, Pace has the convenient locations and broad capacity to provide a wide range of services—and the fast response requisite of environmental emergencies.

When disaster strikes—from a natural disaster to a major fire, train derailment, oil spill, pipeline rupture or other event—the Pace Rapid Response Team is available to discuss urgent environmental options and implement a testing solution. PRRT responders are available 24-7 to ensure that sample containers are available, samples are collected appropriately, critical samples are expedited to the nearest laboratory, and rapid results are provided to decision makers on the scene.

The PRRT can provide the following services and a flexible response to unique site challenges:

  • A national network of laboratories and responders
  • Courier of sample supplies to the scene
  • Expedited shipment services
  • 24/7 laboratory staffing and data reporting
  • On-site technical support and sample logistics
  • Rapid laboratory results to support tactical decisions
  • Quality data at all times to ensure defensibility; litigation support
  • Automated, on-line, easy to use data management tools

The PRRT has extensive experience in a wide range of environmental disaster assistance including:

  • Derailments
  • Fires
  • Oil well fires
  • Pipeline breaks
  • Industrial chemical spills or leaks
  • Hurricanes, floods and other natural disasters (*Pace can provide references for these types of work upon request.)

Contact the Pace Rapid Response Team at:
PH: 877.859.7778

Pace Analytical Services, Inc., is the second largest environmental testing laboratory company in the United States, operating a nationwide network of 21 environmental laboratories and 12 service centers with a list of certifications and accreditations that covers the nation. For more than 34 years, Pace has provided analytical support to major oil, chemical, transportation, mining and manufacturing companies and prides itself in offering clients—both on a national and local level—with exceptional service, legally defensible data and convenient online data management.

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