Pace Analytical Celebrates the Grand Opening of the Pace CSIA Center of Excellence

Center Now Offering Methane Source Identification by Two Dimensional Stable Isotope Analysis

CSIA building

Minneapolis, MN, November 3, 2014 (Pace Analytical Services, Inc.) Pace Analytical, the second largest environmental testing firm in the U.S., is pleased to announce the grand opening of the Pace Compound Specific Isotope Analysis (CSIA) Center of Excellence on the campus of the University of Pittsburgh’s Applied Research Center (ARC) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. November 1st marks the completion of the transfer of instrument resources and personnel from the former ZymaX Forensics laboratory in Escondido, California, into the former Microseeps, now Pace Analytical Energy Services laboratory, at the University of Pittsburgh’s ARC location.

Mark Nebiolo, Director of Business Integration, reports that all CSIA instrument systems are up and running, and progress is being made both on improving stable isotope turnaround time and in CSIA new product development. The first new product is completed, and Pace is accepting samples for Methane Source Identification by Two Dimensional Stable Isotope Analysis coupled with Compositional Analysis C1-C6. These new capabilities are designed to serve the needs of the shale exploration market for accurate characterization of methane on or around drill sites.

These two methods, when run as part of a comprehensive predrill study, can provide reassurance to both the exploration company and the landowner that the origin of any methane exceedance can be analyzed and determined both before and after drilling operations. This valuable analytical approach has already been added to regulatory drilling requirements in two shale states—and given its effectiveness, Pace CSIA leaders expect this adoption to expand to other states where shale exploration/development is taking place.

In other breaking news, Pace Analytical is pleased to announce the addition of Aaron D. Peacock, PhD, Environmental Biotechnology Specialist, to the management team at Pace Analytical Energy Services™ in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The addition of Dr. Peacock will enhance the team's scientific capabilities and position Pace Energy Services to better serve the needs of the emerging environmental molecular diagnostics market as well as new technological solutions made possible by the growth of high resolution site characterization.

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