Update on our Puerto Rico Lab

Minneapolis, MN October 6, 2017

Dear Valued Customers:

The news over the past few days from our San German, Puerto Rico laboratory has been encouraging. We have heard from all of our staff members, and everyone is safe and only a few of our staff members have experienced catastrophic damages. Our supply of diesel fuel appears to have stabilized and we are receiving regular shipments to keep our generators running. The access to gasoline appears to be improving with each day. Early this week we started to bring microbiology services and services associated with our clients wanting to establish production lines back into operation within the San German laboratory. These services include environmental monitoring, water testing, and compressed gas testing. Our field staff was active within our client sites all week. We also started to bring limited chemistry operations online as well. Our plan for the next few weeks is to continue to utilize our Oakdale, MN laboratory to support chemistry testing required by our clients, while we return to normal operations.

Communication continues to be one of our biggest challenges. Our team in San German still does not have access to email, however some cellular service is starting to become a little more reliable. Members of our San German team are using web-based emails to facilitate communication (see San German Contacts below). We procured cell phones on a local network that has provided us with intermittent access. To contact us regarding services within Puerto Rico please call our San German Project managers at 787-322-2460 or 787-322-2902. Customers can also continue to contact our Director of Client Services as follows:

Kylie Siek, Director of Client Services
Pace Analytical Life Sciences
1281 Helmo Ave. North
Oakdale, MN 55128
(w) 651.294.0838 (c) 612.327.2573

San German Contacts (Click to Email):
Milton Martinez, Project Manager
Lourdes Arias, Project Manager
Irelga Mercado, Project Manager
Lissette Rosario, Project Manager
Karla Padilla, Project Manager
Juan Colon, Group Leader

I am humbled and impressed by the commitment our team in Puerto Rico has shown toward reestablishing operations and helping to get our customer’s plants back up and running. I am confident that we will rise to the occasion and come out of this challenge a much stronger organization. Thank you for your support. Finally, please know that we are very grateful for the work that you have entrusted to our team over the years. We will continue to work hard to support your current needs in our Oakdale laboratory and to bring full services back to the San German laboratory as soon as possible.

Greg Kupp

Pace Analytical Life Sciences
Greg Kupp | VP, COO
P: 612.210.8656