Pace Holding Environmental Forensics Webinar

Learn from the experts about Environmental Forensics: a scientific methodology for identifying hazardous contaminants in the environment and determining their sources and times of release. When applied to the investigation of petroleum products, chlorinated solvents, and other environmental contaminants, environmental forensics investigations can provide valuable tools for obtaining scientifically supported, court admissible, evidence in environmental legal disputes. The environmental forensics approach offered by the Pace Analytical Forensics Laboratory has successfully provided scientific evidence in U.S. courts, making it clear to all parties—who is responsible and for what. Click the following link to register for the event:

The webinar will be held by Pace Analytical's Joshua Richards. Joshua is the Program Manager for the Pace Analytical Energy Services division and leads the sales and technical effort for Pace’s Energy Services Laboratory. He has extensive professional experience, including working on environmental projects governed by both state and federal regulations. These sites included large-scale assessment/ remediation sites in accordance with RCRA, CERCLA, and Superfund guidance. Josh’s combined ten years of relevant experience in environmental remediation and consulting coupled with his more recent analytical experience provides a unique perspective to the remediation marketplace. He is a registered professional geologist in the states of Florida and Indiana. Additionally, Mr. Richards is a Certified Hazardous Materials Manager, a national certification.