New Orleans, LA

New Orleans Laboratory

1000 Riverbend Blvd. Suite F
St. Rose, LA 70087

New Orleans Laboratory

The New Orleans laboratory, located in St. Rose, LA, has been in operation since 1967. Originally part of Gulf South Research Institute (GSRI), the facility has also been known as Gulf South Environmental Labs, Inc. (GSELI), Applied Bioscience, Inc. (APBI) and PACE, Inc. It was purchased by Pace Analytical Services, LLC in 1995. Though several name changes have occurred, many key personnel still remain with the company to this day. The New Orleans facility is a 16,000 square foot facility that provides full organic and inorganic analyses in accordance with CERCLA/SARA, CWA, TSCA and UST programs on a variety of matrices. In addition certain special services, including full level 4 valid data packages and electronic data deliverables, are available. The New Orleans laboratory supports service in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. New Orleans also provides services to Puerto Rico from its Guaynabo, PR service center.

Phone: 504.469.0333
Fax: 504.469.0555

General Manager: Russell McNiece

Quality Manager: Shelley Antoine

Sales Contacts:
Jenny Snipes
Jennifer Doty
Katherine Dyer

Major Instrumentation:

  • 1 ICP
  • 1 ICP/MS
  • 2 Mercury Analyzers (including 1 Thermal Decomposition AA)
  • 1 Ion Chromatograph
  • 2 Discrete Analyzers
  • 14 Gas Chromatographs with various detectors
  • 9 GC/MS
  • 1 TOC analyzer
  • 1 TOX analyzer
  • 1 EOX analyzer

Location Details

16,000 ft 2, full service laboratory, providing:

  • CWA Organic and Inorganic Analysis
  • Appendix IX Analyses
  • SW846 Organics and Inorganics
  • Extensive UST Capabilities
  • Waste Characterization
  • Louisiana RECAP