Green Bay, WI

Green Bay Laboratory

1241 Bellevue Street, Suite 9
Green Bay, WI 54302

Green Bay Laboratory

The Green Bay facility offers extensive capacity for full organic and inorganic analysis, as well a, a broad range of specialty services, including low level mercury, CLP level packages and electronic deliverables. In addition to routine environmental matrices, the Green Bay laboratory has extensive experience in sediment work, biological tissue analysis and emergency response capability. The Green Bay laboratory holds a broad base of analytical certifications in numerous programs, i.e., National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (NELAP), and is certified in Wisconsin, Illinois and other states.

Contact Information

Phone: 920.469.2436
Fax: 920.469.8827

General Manager: Nils Melberg

Sales Contacts:
Mike Dew
Tony Bush

Quality Manager: Kate Verbeten

Major Instrumentation

  • 24 Gas Chromatographs (includes screeners)
  • 16 GC/MS Systems
  • 1 ICP
  • 2 ICP/MS
  • 2 Mercury Analyzers
  • 3 Low Level Mercury Analyzers
  • 3 Ion Chromatograph Systems
  • 2 Lachat Automated Analyzers
  • 1 Direct Hg Analyzer

Key Details:

27,000 ft 2, full service laboratory facility, providing:

  • Full Organic and Inorganic Analyses
  • Tissue Analysis
  • Low Level Mercury
  • Sediment Analysis
  • Emergency Response Capability
  • WI, ILL and other State Certifications