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Field Services

Minneapolis Field Services

Field Services

1700 Elm Street SE
Minneapolis MN 55414
Phone: 612.607.6398
Fax: 612.607.6444

Pace Analytical's Field Services Division has more than 25 years experience in serving the national and international environmental market.

Using state-of-the-art equipment and over two decades of industry expertise and experience, Pace Analytical provides comprehensive service offerings including: stack testing, ambient air, wastewater, groundwater, soil and waste material testing and sample collection.

The breadth of our testing services is unique in that we monitor all environmental matrices and have experienced a vast array of testing methodologies. While our extensive cross training allows us to move resources to meet the demand, we also foster a staff of experts who proactively study their particular discipline to maintain industry leadership. We excel in unique and complex sampling situations, especially new or changing compliance testing requirements. We have considerable experience in adapting current methodologies to difficult applications as well as developing new procedures.

A successful environmental monitoring project requires a partnership between our customer and our testing experts. Many aspects of administration, production, maintenance and schedule commitments must interact with testing activities to ensure that all project objectives are met. We understand that proper equipment, rigorous maintenance and timely calibrations are paramount to ensuring testing integrity, accuracy and data quality.

To further protect and serve our clients and staff, Pace Analytical is also committed to safety. Field testing activities and working in a multitude of client settings create a unique safety challenge. Pace Analytical places a top priority on employee safety. We provide employees with an extensive safety program that includes frequent training and well-maintained equipment for confined space entry, traffic control, environmental hazards and personal protection. Our safety program not only provides for the welfare of our staff, but also reduces potential liability on our customers' properties. Pace Analytical strives to exceed the safety needs and programs of our clients while on-site.

A significant differentiator for Pace Analytical, is that we can analyze nearly every type of sample we collect. We have 11 full service, nationally accredited and state certified laboratories to support our sampling capabilities. We are one of few environmental firms that can collect and analyze samples for a complete offering of routine and specialty analysis in any matrix. "Shipping" to us is most often handing samples directly to one of our laboratory colleagues.

Nationwide Services Include:

  • Stack Testing
  • CEM Certification Testing
  • Air Quality Monitoring
  • On-site Analytical Services FTIR and GC
  • Real-Time Process Diagnostic/Optimization Testing
  • Wastewater, Groundwater, Drinking Water Monitoring
  • Storm water, Surface Water Monitoring
  • Soil and Waste Sampling

Charlotte Field Services

Contact: Colley Frank at 704.875.9092, ext 239

Florida Field Services

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Kansas Field Services

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Pittsburgh Field Services

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Seattle Field Services

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