Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh Laboratory

1638 Roseytown Rd - Suite 2, 3, 4
Greensburg, PA 15601

Pittsburgh Laboratory

The Pittsburgh laboratory has been in operation since 1982. The laboratory was originally known as Antech Ltd. before being purchased by Pace Analytical Services, LLC in May 2002. While the name changed, many key personnel remained with the operation. The new 18,000 square foot facility located in Greensburg provides full organic and inorganic analyses in accordance with RCRA, NPDES, TSCA, and 10 CFR 61 waste data packages and electronic deliverables. The laboratory also supports the radiochemistry testing needs for some of the largest organizations in the United States who are actively involved in the monitoring of radioactivity. Courier services are available upon request. The Pittsburgh lab supports the Mid-Atlantic region which includes Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Delaware and West Virginia.

Phone: 724.850.5600
Fax: 724.850.5601

Regional Sales Manager: Rich Hixson

General Manager: William Billings

Sales Contact:
Justin Hall
Tonya Hironimus
Brian Schaffner

Sr. Quality Manager: Nasreen DeRubeis

Major Instrumentation:

  • 6 Gas Chromatographs
  • 8 GC/MS Systems
  • 2 ICPs
  • 1 ICP/MS
  • 1 Mercury Analyzer
  • 1 Lachat Automated Analyzer
  • 1 SmartChem Automated Analyzer
  • 1 Ion Chromatograph
  • 1 TOC Analyzer
  • 7 Gamma Spectrometers
  • 4 Sodium Iodide Detectors
  • 38 Gas Flow Proportional Counters
  • 40 Alpha Spectrometers
  • 3 Liquid Scintillation Counters
  • 4 Alpha Scintillation Counters
  • 1 Kinetic Phosphorescence Analyzer

Location Details

18,000 ft 2, full service laboratory, providing:

  • SW846 Organics and Inorganics
  • Extensive UST Capabilities
  • Waste and Mixed Waste Characterization
  • PA DEP Drinking Water Certified
  • NRC Low Level License