Davis, CA

Pace National Davis Laboratory

2795 2nd Street, Suite 300
Davis, CA 95618

Pace Analytical's Davis location has been providing analytical testing services to environmental markets since 1997 and has earned an outstanding reputation for building a strong, loyal customer base. It is a NELAC accredited analytical laboratory specializing in the testing of water, soil and air samples for volatile organics, semi-volatile organics, anions, metals and Chromium VI. This location holds environmental certifications in the states of CA, WA, OR and ND.

Phone: 530.297.4800
Fax: 530.297.4808

VP of Operations: Johnny Mitchell

Quality Manager: Steve Miller

Sales Contacts:
Danny Ramsey , VP Sales and Marketing
Rodney Mann , West Region Sales Manager
Vincent Vancil , California and Oregon Sales Representative
Kelly Cobbs, Pacific Northern California Sales Representative

Major Instrumentation

  • 10 GCMS with autosamplers and purge and traps
  • 3 GC
  • 1 ICP
  • 2 IC
  • 1 Mercury Analyzer

Location Details:

12,000 square ft. laboratory, providing:

Tests Offered:

  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), Fuel Oxygenates and Gasoline Range Organics (GRO) by GC/MS
  • Small Volume Diesel Range Organics (DRO) by GC including micro-extraction of aqueous matrix via EPA Method 3511
  • Silica gel cleanup to remove possible DRO interferences
  • Metals analysis by ICP-OES
  • Soluble metals by STLC (CA WET) and TCLP
  • Mercury analysis by CVAA
  • Anions by Ion Chromatography
  • Chromium VI by methods 7199 and 218.6
  • Various other wet chem methods

Highlights of analytical services include:

  • Petroleum Hydrocarbon analysis in soils and waters:
    • NWTPH-Dx – Extractable semi volatile petroleum products
    • NWTPH-Gx –Volatile petroleum products
    • TPH as Stoddard solvent
    • TPH by GC using EPA Method 8015M , DRO, Motor Oil, Mineral Oil, Hydraulic Oil, Kerosene and Jet Fuel
  • Low reporting limits in water for:
    • tert-Butanol (TBA); MRL of 5.0 µg/L
    • Methanol; MRL of 50 µg/L
    • Ethanol; MRL of 5 µg/L
    • 1,4-Dioxane by Method 8260, MRL of 10 ug/L
  • Micro-extraction for DRO testing using 40 mL Volatile Organic Analysis (VOA) vials versus one 1-liter glass container
  • Test Air samples from Tedlar bags
  • Test Soil samples from En Core®, sleeves, or glass jars
  • Report results on a standard 5 business day turnaround time with expedited turnaround times available
  • Courier service within a 100 mile radius of Davis, as well as courier service in Southern California