Billings, MT

Montana Laboratory

150 North 9th St.
Billings MT 59101

Phone: 406.254.7226

The Billings laboratory serves the MT, ID, northern WY, and western Dakotas. The laboratory analyzes a full inorganic complement of tests to support the environmental, mining, UST and wastewater markets. The laboratory also specializes in bulk asbestos testing as well as fiber counts across the United States. The Montana laboratory has extensive capabilities and numerous accreditations for the analysis of groundwater, wastewater, soil, hazardous waste and air. The Montana lab provides a full range of organic, inorganic and microscopy testing services.

Senior General Manager: Dennis Leeke

Sales Contact: Kyna Hogg, Chris Norman

Quality Manager: Janielle Ward

Lab Manager: Rhonda Johnson

Director of Sales: Stacey Larsen

Major Instrumentation:

  • 1 Ion Chromatograph
  • 1 ICP
  • 1 Flow Analyzer
  • 2 Spectrometers
  • 1 Leco (Sulfur Analyzer)
  • 4 Gas Chromatograph
  • 1 Gas Chromatograph / Mass Spec

Location Details

5,000 ft 2, laboratory facility, providing:

  • Inorganics
  • Grain Size & PSA, soil physical characteristics testing
  • Volatile organics analysis
  • Semi Volatile organics analysis
  • VPH / EPH