Asheville, NC

Asheville Laboratory

Asheville Laboratory

2225 Riverside Drive
Asheville, NC 28804

Originally part of Environmental Testing, Inc., the Asheville laboratory was acquired by PACE, Inc. in January 1990. The laboratory was included in the purchase which formed Pace Analytical in 1995. The laboratory specializes in Inorganic and Aquatic Toxicity testing providing services to clients across the country. The Asheville laboratory works in conjunction with the Pace Charlotte laboratory to support organic testing requirements and provide lab services for much of the southeastern region.

Phone: 828.254.7176
Fax: 828.252.4618

General Manager: Felicia Grogan

Quality Manager: Barry Johnson

Sales Contacts:
Allison Queen, Sales Manager
Craig Griffin, Sales Manager

Major Instrumentation

  • 2 ICPs
  • 1 ICP-MS
  • 1 Mercury Analyzer
  • 2 Ion Chromatograph
  • 2 Lachat Automated Analyzers
  • 2 Discrete Analyzer

Location Details:

Well equipped, 8,000 ft 2 facility, providing:

  • Full wet chemistry and metals analysis
  • Aquatic bioassay and product testing
  • Sampling services for groundwater, wastewater and soil
  • NPDES pre-treatment and monitoring analyses