Community Outreach

At Pace, we believe...

We are responsible to the communities in which we live and work. We must be good citizens, support good charities, promote civic improvements, and encourage better health and education.

We believe that all individuals should have the opportunity to reach their full potential, learn real-world skills and create their own futures. Our success over the years is proof of what can be accomplished when innovative ideas are empowered by an entrepreneurial spirit and a willingness to give back to the community.

Water Mission

Today, more deaths are caused by unsafe water and improper sanitation than by wars, natural disasters, AIDS or hunger. It is estimated that the global water crisis impacts approximately 2.1 billion people. Water Mission(WM), a non-profit engineering organization, aims to reach out to these people and help them develop, implement and maintain sustainable technologies that the communities themselves can operate to meet their basic daily water and sanitation needs. Since its inception in 2001, WM has installed over 1,000 safe drinking water systems and sanitation solutions in 49 countries and is serving the needs of roughly 2.6 million people.

Several organizations in water-related industries, including Pace Analytical, have joined to help WM provide lasting solutions. In 2016, Steve and Julie Vanderboom participated in a strategic planning session at WM headquarters and also joined 3,200 people in WM’s annual “Walk for Water” event. Steve Vanderboom, CEO of Pace Analytical, commented: “As a lab industry leader and WM Strategic Partner, it is our plan to participate in future Walk for Water events with other strategic partners aligned with WM to create awareness and provide additional support for WM’s efforts around the world.” Pace now hosts annual walk for water in the Twin Cites raising over $360,000 with over 1,500 participants.

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Click Here to learn more about sponsoring or participating in the 2019 Twin Cities Walk for Water Event.


Cristo Rey Twin Cities is a high school that combines a college preparatory curriculum with corporate internships for all students. This program allows students who cannot afford a college education to obtain one through its unique work-study program called Hire4Ed. Corporate clients sponsor the program by hiring students to work. Students broaden their horizons through real life work experiences, develop a responsible work ethic and are encouraged to set high goals and standards for their success. Pace Analytical plays an important role in this program as a corporate client and sponsor. Currently, four Cristo Rey students work one day a week at Pace for their tuition.

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FIRST (Foundation for Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology)

FIRST is a mentor-based program which involves high school youth and combines the excitement of sports competition with the challenges of Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) oriented collaborations. FIRST helps youth foster respect, cooperation, leadership and self-confidence while working in a real-world STEM environment. Collaborating in large teams that include coaches, mentors and volunteers, they are challenged to construct and program robots of their own design to perform tasks against a fleet of competitors in tournaments. In the process, students are given the opportunity to work with STEM-oriented professionals, learn and use sophisticated software and hardware, earn a place in the world championship and qualify for nearly $7 million in scholarships. Pace Analytical sees the value of supporting a program which promotes STEM professions, creativity, competition and innovation.

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