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Professional Staffing

Professional Staffing

Pace Analytical's Professional Staffing provides in-depth experience with on-site operation of laboratories. Our services include long-term staffing for project support, management and operating tools for more efficient and productive laboratory operations. Read More

Lab Equipment Services

Regulatory Services

Pace Analytical's Regulatory Service can aid your business in complying with today's complex global regulations. Our team possesses the knowledge, experience, and technical resources necessary to guide your business through the regulatory maze Read More

Lab Equipment: Services

Pace Analytical's Instrument Support Group (ISG) provides equipment services including qualifications/calibrations, preventative maintenance, repairs, installations and laboratory relocations. We offer customized service contracts or time & materials billing so you can receive instrument support in a timely manner at affordable prices. Validations and calibrations of general laboratory equipment are offered through our metrology group. Continuous Monitoring Systems are also available. Read More

Lab equipment sales and auctions

Lab Equipment: Sales and Auctions

Pace Analytical's Instrument Support Group (ISG) specializes in refurbished GC, GC/MS, LC, LC/MS, ICP-MS, Dissolution and general laboratory equipment. We offer competitive warranties, on-site installation/qualification/training services and free telephone technical support. Click the link below to visit our new site, Pacelabs eQuip, to browse our selection of refurbished instrumentation and the variety of laboratory equipment available through online auctions . Read More

Lab Equipment Services

Product and Material Testing

Pace Analytical can certify products, components and materials that are used to treat or supply water. These include: filters, distillers, RO systems, softeners, carafes, media, chemicals, faucets,tanks and other plumbing products.  Read More


Jeremy Rochford, CAPM
Business Development Manager (Indianapolis)
(317) 296-0421

Cindy Kaczanowski
Senior Account Executive (Minneapolis)
(612) 656-1118

Hannah Grun
Lab Equipment Sales
(612) 656-1177

Harry Klann
LabOps General Manager and Director (Houston)
(281) 486-0534

Danny Stupca
Lab Equipment: Services
(612) 656-1173

Lisa Rettinger
Professional Staffing and
Regulatory Services

(612) 656-1147

Derrick Friedrich
Product and Material Testing
(612) 656-1139

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