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About Us

Your TOTAL Analytical Laboratory Resource

Pace Analytical Services, Inc. is a privately held, industry-leading sampling and analytical testing firm. Pace provides analytical lab solutions for testing, staffing and equipment, with a wide scope of services.

  • Environmental: analytical testing and sampling
  • Life sciences GMP laboratory: testing for pharmaceutical, medical and drug-devices
  • Laboratory operations: staffing and instrumentation services 

With a nationwide network of 20 environmental laboratories, 2 life sciences labs and 21 service centers, Pace has the capacity to support a diverse client base—from local, state and national government programs to industry, engineering/consulting, mining, energy and R&D. Our 35 years of experience give us the expertise and vision to partner with these clients, providing analytical testing and services to support both short-term needs and long-term development—even in today’s challenging economic environment. 

Pace continually invests in highly trained scientific staff, leading instrumentation and new methodologies to ensure high accuracy and efficiency. Our advanced training program includes an online learning management program, and robust quality assurance and control programs mitigate risk throughout all Pace laboratories. Plus, PacePort provides easy, up-to-date data access and management for clients—available online, anytime.

Most Pacelabs are NELAP accredited excluding Columbus, Raleigh and the Virginia, MN Energy and Mining lab.  Both Pace Analytical Life Sciences operations are FDA registered, DEA registered (Class II - V) and GMP compliant. Pace Analytical Life Sciences (Oakdale site) and the Metrology Operations of the LabOps Division are ISO 17025 accredited. The LabOps Division is ISO 9001/2008 certified.

Because of evolving regulatory, legal and social pressures to improve the environment, Pace Analytical is dedicated to providing the latest in science and technology and committed to responsive and reliable customer service.

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